Why do we exist?

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Salmon For The Future has a simple vision: We love to fish for salmon and steelhead, and we want as much time on the water as possible.  We are here to protect and advocate for the tradition of recreational fishing.  That’s because fishing is part of our DNA.  When we aren’t fishing, we are think about fishing.  Who is our opponent?  That’s simple too.  Our opposition is the status quo. What’s happening is we are getting less bang for our buck with our fishing license dollars and our time on the water is shrinking each year. Enough is enough. We need to come together and work on creative  solutions to turn this around.  As a 501c4 with a PAC, we plan to be heavily engage in the political process to give the recreational fishing community a strong voice with our elected officials.   We believe that is the area where our community needs to build strong coalitions to ensure laws and policies are written that will increase our time on the water.

The Guiding Principles


-Salmon For The Future was founded in 2019 by a group of sport fishing enthusiasts who understood the need for a strong voice in the local and state governments, as well as with policy makers in fisheries management. SFTF strives to have a strong voice in important fisheries issue across the region. We believe that proper management decisions now, will preserve the tradition of recreational fishing for future generations. We know that well run hatchery programs are critical to providing sustainable and consistent fisheries  and are an important tool in wild fish recovery. We believe that protecting and conserving wild stocks must guide our management decisions and selective fisheries are an important tool to help maintain quality recreational fishing opportunity while recovering wild stocks.

The Future

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Salmon For The Future knows that we must engage our youth in order to keep the tradition of recreational fishing alive. The fishing community has always been a huge driver in conservation.¬† Salmon and Steelhead recovery will not happen if the next generation doesn’t make it a priority.¬† SFTF is committed to making sure that happens.

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